Sunday, July 6, 2008

Who Are These Babies?!

The boys seem to be meeting so many milestones lately! It's been such a delight to watch them progressing! I posted earlier this week how hard it is to consider that just four months ago they needed so much help eating and now things are so very different for them! Here's a few things that they've been doing lately:
Ben-Laughs when we tickle him; rolls from back to side; coos, squeals, and gurgles; smiles responsively; shows emotions, like happiness and excitement; quiets self with thumb and fingers; holds eye contact and intently gazes (especially at momma); studies faces; tracks moving persons; cries when we leave the room.
Abe-Wiggles himself across the floor by arching his back and pushing off with his feet; laughs when tickled; can grasp toy dangled in front of him; rolls from back to tummy; makes loud sounds; can support himself on his legs when we stand him up; plays with his hands; throws a fit when we wipe his face or change his diaper (bad boy, Aber).
I can't wait to see what another four months holds.

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