Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Chance to Bake Again

After many months of baking...nothing...I finally got my chance again this past weekend. It feels so good to be getting back to my old self again. This was the final product:


jedishoney said...

I love the cake!!! Sooo cute!! was there an occasion or you just wanted to make a bee hive cake? hahaha I wish I could do that! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh My. I'm envisioning the first birthday party..... ;)

Rachel said...

Absolutely beautiful! I had no idea of your talent for cake-making! I would LOVE it if you could teach me sometime. XOXO

Anonymous said...

HI Sarah,

Glad you posted your cake. You did such a good job. I'm ever 'glader' that you and the family came on Sunday night. What fun to have you all!!!

BTW- You are getting more hits on your site than we get on the church web-site!!!

See ya,