Friday, August 29, 2008

Poor Benji Boy

Poor Benji, solids just aren't jiving with his tummy. He hasn't had a messy diaper in one. whole. week. We have tried prune juice, vasoline, water, oatmeal, pears and NOTHING! I feel so bad for him. The nurses have given us numerous things to try and we have exhausted all of them. If he doesn't go by tomorrow we go to the doc. Please pray for him, that his little body would give him some relief!

Update: Relief! Finally! Poor guy, he ate almost 8 ounces this afternoon now that he has some room in his belly!

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jedishoney said...

I am glad he went!!! I was going to give you a couple suggestions, then I saw that! :) when ez was little he used to go like once a week if we were lucky.. so I learned a few tricks! some of them are messy.. but... hahaha go ben go!! :)