Monday, August 25, 2008

According to Jer, Pt. II

It's always humerous to me how I find the sentimental side to our boys activities and Jeremy finds the practical. Case in point: Last night, Jer was feeding the boys squash for the first time. When I say for the first time, I mean feeding them at all! He was trying with all his might to perfect the two mouth feed with minimal mess but was failing miserably. The boys had it ALL over their face. He would spoon it in. They would spit it out. He would swipe the spoon across their face packing it back in then wipe them with a wet cloth. Well there I was sitting there watching him thinking to myself how beautiful it was to watch my husband feed the boys. How this was a "bonding" experience. I envisioned future McDonald's trips and sharing hot dogs at the ballgame, when Jeremy suddenly blurts out, "This isn't so bad, it's kind of like grouting tile!"
Sheesh. But I couldn't help but laugh. Yeah, I guess it is a little like grouting tile.

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