Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daddy Time

Just another Friday night, hanging out with daddy before bed.
Absolutely enthralled by the flash
Making elephant sounds
A.B. thinks he's king of Daddy Mountain
Staring contest


Aunt Courtney said...

Uncle Drew and I absolutely cannot wait to see our handsome little nephews! Only a few more weeks until tummy kisses and pat-the-booty!

Love, Auntie Courtney

Benji and Aber said...

Dear Aunty Torteny,

And diapy changes...

Love, Ben and Abe

Courtney said...

Actually . . . Auntie Courtney just did a google search for "diapy changes" and there is definitely gluten involved. Hence, "Aunty Torteny" cannot change said diapers.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you with booty pats and tisses on the back of those naked necks. Benji has more hair than A.B. Aunt Torteny, look on the internet. There are lots of vitamin benefits from changing diapys. Can't wait til you guys get here too!!!

Love Grammy Pammy

Benji and A.B. said...

Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!

Love, Benji and A.B.