Monday, September 1, 2008

Pucker Up, A.B.!

Can't you just hear his squeal?! Mom can't resist her A.B., especially in his Thomas the Train jams.


Anonymous said...

Youre an awsome mother Ms. Sarah! Anyone can see the love on your face that you have for these boys. Where's Benji though? Want to see more pics of Jer and Benji too.

I love you guys.

Grammy Pammy

Anonymous said...
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jedishoney said...

That is too cute! I love to kiss squishy cheeks too!!! :) kiss the top cheeks, pinch the bottom ones! hheheheheheh so great!

Anonymous said...

OK, so here is where my brain went at 10:45 at night. As I am looking at the squishy cheeks, and looking at the smiling eyes wander to that nice electronic set-up in the background. Any gamblers want to get in on the action? How long before that equipment has to be relocated to a "higher" position?

Aunt Kim loves you Jeremy and Sarah