Thursday, September 18, 2008

This Must Have Been Invented By a Mom

Tonight, while I was making dinner, I gave the boys these mesh bag "thingies" that hold food but prevent baby from choking. Let me just say, These. Things. Are. Genius. The boys ate applesauce out of those suckers for almost 45 minutes while I cooked (and took pictures). Brilliant. Not sure how long the novelty will last, but I would definitely say they were worth the $10.99. What is this thing?
I think I'll just play with it!
This smells familiar!
Okay, I'll taste it...
Do you mind?!
My precious! Gholam, Gholam!
Uh, can I have his?!


jedishoney said...

Ya... I am glad you like those.. I don't get it. hehehehe Gavin had one that I never used, becuase I didn't get it. hehehe too high tech for some of us! hehehe Glad they stayed entertained for you though!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah these are fantastic, first time I saw one was when Amber was babysitting and they had put a chunk of canteloupe in it and I've also seen a chunk of watermelon in it and they they just suck til their hearts content. Nothing I had with the boys. Love you guys Aunt Teresa

Gina said...

Oh I was totally going to give you Amber and Ethan's mesh bags when you came over! I am glad that you have some. Applesauce was the first thing I put in theirs too. Bananas are very hard to clean out of those by the way! They look so cute, can't wait to see them again.