Friday, September 26, 2008

7 Months Old!

The boys are 7 months old today! It's ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, CRAZY how fast the time is going! People tell you it will happen that way but there's no way you understand until you experience it! I am so very grateful for these last seven months home with them. We have gotten to know each other in such a different way than I ever was able to imagine. It's a unique relationship; the one between a mother and a child. It's almost indescribable. I find myself unable to resist kiss after kiss. Not silly cheek kisses either. Big, fat, juicy baby lip kisses. The kind that leaves a trail of slobber and a laughing baby. I take in their smell over and over. Not because I forget what they smell like, but because I know the time is fleeting where they will be curled up and so content in my arms. A wave of change is coming, I see the transition already. They are both starting to hold their bottles and move around like crazy. Few and far are the days where they would just snuggle into my chest and fall asleep. I read today another mom's feelings about her growing babies. She seemed to capture exactly how I am feeling. She said, "We can videotape their milestones, but we can't record the joy or pride we felt in the moment. We can snap all of the pictures in the world, but we can't capture their smell or the feel of kissing their chubby, baby cheeks. I wonder why that is. These thoughts make me resolved to hold them more, stare at them longer and record my thoughts every chance I get." So true, I guess I'm going to stopping blogging now and go hold some babies. Enjoy the seven month shots. I sure did.

Here's what I mean about being on the go! It takes about 20 seconds before he does anything but watch him go! (no sound)


Anonymous said...

Sar: You came close to describing what a mother is all about, but there are no exact words. You definitely are experiencing what every mother experiences though. At 49, I still smell you guys when you were babies, and I still kiss those wet slobbery lips in my mind. It never goes away. The video is imprinted in your brain forever. Enjoy. Replay, over and over and over again, you never will forget or get tired!

I love you,


Aunt Kim said...

Your boys have offically taken up space on my desktop. Now when my presentation is loaded and the LCD projector is up in running, "the Deuce" are projected onto a 20 foot screen. Then I say....they're seven months old now, aren't they adorable. And ALL the teachers go wild!!!!
Love them up Mr. and Mrs. Sloan, the time is going by fast.