Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sweet Brothers

Yesterday morning, Jeremy was feeding the boys and they started holding hands. He didn't think anything of it because they find each others hands frequently but usually let go rather quickly. After a few minutes they were still holding on so he called to me and I managed to snap some pictures and get a little video of them. They continued for their entire feeding. It's a little boring, but cute nonetheless! No sound. Enjoy!


jedishoney said...

Is it my immagination or is Ben bigger than Abe? (I am pretty sure that I got that right.. Ben on the left? ) :) So cute!!!!

J Money said...

Tania~Looking down at them, Ben is on the right. Abe is MUCH bigger, more than two pounds! Maybe someday :)'


Anonymous said...

My boys are too sweet for words. Take lots of pictures you two because the changes are coming very quickly. You cant get those back.