Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a Week!

Whew! Ben and I are glad this one's behind us!
UPDATED: In other exciting news, Ben cut his first tooth teeth! FINALLY.The second one cut this morning! I am serious when I say that I thought that this kid would start school toothless. Really?! Who cuts their first tooth at 12 1/2 months? Probably lots of kids. Come to think of it, the comments will probably flood in now about how this person's neice, or that person's grandson didn't cut teeth until way later. But honestly, Abe is up to 6 teeth! Now combine that with 3 pounds heavier and he looks like a 4 year old next to Ben!

Also on the frontlines this week, Mister A.B. has been on the hunt for the cat. He will do anything to get to her! Unfortunately, the feelings are not quite mutual. She keeps a safe distance. Case in point...
This is also where she *hides* from the dogs!

He just can't quite figure out how to manuver his way to the middle!

And because I can't resist, here's a picture of The Deuce gettin' their groove on...

Desperate times, this week, called for desperate measures...

Here's hoping for a better one!


Susan said...

I love the record picture!
Here's to a better week!

Tania said...

I bet the teeth is why he had such a much harder illness than the rest of you.. Poor Ben the man!!! I am so happy this round is behind you! I will say.. my fave is when the kids are sick at the same time as me... Makes it easier that they are not wanting to go anywhere or do anything either! :) Fevers are nice too.. hahahaha causes lethargy! hahaha I am SUCH A BAD MOM!!

Aunt Kim said...

The later they get their teeth in, the better the teeth will. Least that's what the dentist said when Dusty didn't cut his first tooth until 10 months. The it took 3 months to get the next one.

Anonymous said...

Let the comments begin. Aunt Kim is right. I heard the same thing when your sister Courtney didn't cut her first until 15 months! Now there's a record. Can anyone beat that?

Hang in there Benji. I love the picture of A.B. upside down. He gets into the most precarious situations.

Love you guys,

Grammy Pammy

Lorena said...

Yeah Benji! I really hope this next week is better for the Sickie Sloans. Miss you friend, get better soon!

Caitlin said...

Well, I can't top 15 months, but I can come close to coping with Ben... I didn't cut my first tooth until I was 11 months.

By the way, I love that picture with Abe under the chair on his face trying to get to the cat... Looks like he didn't mind being on his face much though! Is everone doing better this week?