Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Night Snapshots

Abe playing with his blocks. On my laptop. Eeek!Benji learned how to give kisses!
Reachin' for the camera
Deuce getting in on some of the smoochin'
A.B. and momma
There's so much more I want to post about but for now, pictures and a few capitons will have to do!

Also, it completely slipped my pea-brain that the boys turned 13 months old on the 26th. DUH! I was considering a growth picture again for the second year but I don't know. Do you think there are enough changes over the next 12 months to do them again? It seems I'd have to rethink the approach but....your thoughts? Suggestions?


Tania said...

I like to see the growing, personally... Erin has had Gavins picture done with the same little chair since he was 5 weeks old.. now that they are big and my not sit with the bear.. you could find something to stand them with.. like... your counter... or.. a chair.. or the couch.. where we can see where their heads hit now or something? Don't forget to stand them up to the wall and draw the mark and say the name and date... so you can look back in 13 years and go... THEY WERE SOOO LITTLE!!!! :)

Sydni said...

There will be HUGE changes. Not too long ago we found a picture of Chloe right before she turned a year, and compared to her two year picture she doesn't even look like the same kid! I personally like those "see how they've grown" pictures. ~Sydni

Aunt Kim said...

If I could make a suggestion. When you get that new video camera, take a quick video of them standing in a doorway and as they learn to walk, film them each month walking through the same doorway. A friend of mine did this with her twin girls, only scaled it to film every first day of school (once a year). She had them running around the house and each time they came around the house they were one year older. So I was thinking, get creative, scale it down somehow and show us their growth with video instead of pictures. Just a thought.

Caitlin said...

Those boys just keep gettin' cuter all the time! I think something you could use as a growth "chart" is the boys with the dog! We have a big puppy like that so we would know just how big those boys are. Plus they would make some really cute pictures! Just a thought...