Monday, March 23, 2009

Chatter Box, Benny

Our Benji has been quite the talker lately! Gibberish pours out of his mouth when he's playing, crawling, drifting off to get the idea. It's really quite cute. Amidst his "talking" are small doses of actual words....Abe, A.B. mama, dada, hi, and ki-ki (kitty). It's so strange to hear him same actual words, or variations thereof. To see him crawl after his brother saying, "Abe! Abe!" To hear him whisper "ki-ki" as the cat walks by. Maybe it's that it makes him one step closer to actually being small person verses a little baby. I don't know, but it's weird.
Yesterday morning Ben signed his first word too-"All done." I know, right? All done!?! Truly though, he did. He had finished most of his breakfast and I was trying to coax him into a few last bites. Normally he would have just pursed his lips and shook his head no, but not today! He waved his hand back and forth several times. I, of course, freaked out and allowed my voice to go into the "only dogs can hear" decibel. The boys just looked at me wide-eyed wondering what all the fuss was about. Classic.
While we haven't waded completely into the pool of signing, which is mostly just laziness and even a bit of doubt on my part, I am working somewhat diligently on mealtime words: eat, drink, all done, more, etc. Other than Ben's signing yesterday, it doesn't seem to have made an impact much at all. Mostly The Deuce just laugh at me and act like I'm playing some sort of silly game with them. It's okay though, I think I would laugh at me too. : )
Ah, the beautiful transformation of motherhood. I think there should be a set of milestones that we meet right along with the bambinos. Month 12-13 "Displays ability to jump around during mealtimes while making hand gestures and using silly sing-song voice"-Check.


Tania said...

Good job with the signing! I am a big believer in that! I did it with my boys and Gavin. I personally think that it cuts down on the littler person frustration of not being understood! Gavin still does the signs even though he can say the words! Keep up the good work mama!! The fun is just beginning!

The Brooks Family said...

love these little babels and small words now because they are oh so cute but then it will turn into...not so nice words! And maybe some bad words that call for soap :)

Anonymous said...

The irony between the conversation I had with you and his first signed word is incredible. Keep on it Sarah, I think it will pay off in the long run. It truly does pay off in the frustration of communication and tantums. I have living proof through Cuz Sheri!!

Not to mention, Jeri, age 9, signs like a pro. Oh what she could do with this some day. Stick with it sweetie. Abe will jump on board with it some day when he's not so busy face planting!

Love Grammy Pammy