Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a Little History...Together

The parents of these children have...
  • pulled NUMEROUS pranks-together
  • played in a band-together
  • come up with disgusting youth games-together
  • gone to Carmen concerts-together
  • AND sat in the front row-together
  • seen the sun set then rise...together
  • spent year after year at church camp-together
  • turned on entire isles of musical toys in Wal-Mart-together
  • stood side by side for the vows-together
  • Operation Christmas Child shopped-together
  • closed Dion's down-together
  • cried over parents divorcing-together
  • helped each other move...more than one time each-always together
  • fondued-together
  • hurt when parents moved away-together
  • rung in the New Year-together
  • celebrated expecting little ones-together
  • praised God for their safe arrival-together
  • and tonight, experienced our children playing-together

We love you Miller family! Even though our "togethers" may be fewer and farther between!

1 comment:

Tania said...

What a blessing from God good friends are!!! Have a good Tuesday!!