Thursday, March 5, 2009

Four Sickies and a Benji Brag

Our whole house is sick this week. The boys have bronchitis and Ben has an ear infection to top it all off! I think I have what the boys have and Jer is unsure if he's messing with bad allergies or a cold. Yuck, all the way around! So needless to say, blogging is light this week, as it falls low on the priority list. Please keep us in prayer though!
On the upside, amidst his pitiful state, Ben said his third word (mama, dada) this week! Abe! It's absolutely hilarious and has brought much humor to our otherwise doll-drum week. Anytime Jer or I say Abe's name Ben echos it, only his sounds a bit more like "Ebb" because of his stuffy nose :) Definitely don't want to forget that one.


Tania said...

aww!! Thats cute!! I so sorry you are all illl!!!!! good thing they were happy/healthy for their birthday!

Mimi said...

Oh my sweet BennyBoo! I love you!

Sydni said...

Very cute! I'm sorry you guys aren't feeling well!

Aunt Kim said...

Give a kiss to Ben and Ebb for me! Hope you're all well soon.