Friday, March 13, 2009

A Toast...

Breakfast time is one of my favorite times with B&A. There's just something about the sun coming up and when everything is still and quiet. Moods are (usually) good and smiles abound.
This particular morning, amongst their usual eggs and fruit, the boys had toast schmeared ever so lightly with cream cheese. They really dug it. While I sat like a pool monitor, watching them devour their triangles and waiting for the first sign of struggle, they just happily ate and looked right back with ease. Score one for them. So many thanks to the mama who encouraged me to branch out and to be unafraid of the bread. The Deuce "toast" you!

Chug-a-lug, Benji
An slight glimpse of Ben's up'n'coming chompers! Please ignore the 14 calories worth of food on his face.
Sometimes even favored foods strike a weird chord. This banana was NOT going down.
Musta been a good punchline!
Abe's smiling cause I am holding his bottle :)
Just moments before MAJOR silliness, and sippy cup shaking, errupted.

This is starting to become really fun.


Caitlin said...

Those boys have the sweetest smiles!

Susan said...

It does look like fun! I'm so glad you have that time to look forward to. What fun memories you all are building. Funny how something as simple as breakfast can provide such sweet times!

Aunt Kim said...

I dilike the fact that we are miles away, every time I see pictures such as these. 28 years later, I can still remember the mornings with Dustin. Just something about a good nights sleep, still in jam jams, and those fresh-new-day smiles. Enjoy every minute.

Tania said...

Mornings are good! As long as it isn't TOO early.. :) Enjoy the time! before too long you will feel like a short order cook! "I want pancakes, I want eggs.. I want cereal.. " hahahaha love you!