Thursday, November 20, 2008

Koehlinger Twins-Pending Delivery!

Well, twenty nine hours of excitement is finally over... so we thought. Tuesday, at around one o'clock, the nurses began their routine heartbeat tests on the girls. After a few moments, our smaller baby's heartbeat began to slow and continued for a good while. So much so, that Kelly was prepped for an emergency cesarian section. Fortunately, her heartbeat began to rise and normalized soon after. The surgery was called off, but Kelly remained in the "labor and delivery" area of the hospital for further monitoring. After the initial rush, Kelly began to have contractions which at one point came as close as two minutes apart. None of them where too intense with the exception of a few. Both of the girls heartbeats normalized after a few decelerations. Earlier tonight, twenty nine hours later, they felt as though Kelly and the girls were stable enough to go back to the room where she had been for the last three weeks. Since she had not been allowed to eat anything from the time of the initial scare, I went to get us some juicy hamburgers for dinner. However, before I was able to walk out the door, our doctor arrived and wanted to discuss our situation. She explained that after further review and discussion with the other doctors, they felt as though we had come to that place where the risks no longer outweighed the reward. The risks being many things, i.e deceleration of the heart, the occurrence of contractions(possibly a sign of infection), the questionable blood flow in the one of the cords, borderline levels of blood flow in one of their brains, and possibly having an emergency c-section vs planned, among other things. The reward simply being that little blessing of more time inside for the girls to grow. They feel as though the scales have tipped and now the better place for them is out here with us. We are now back in the room we just left and they will continue to monitor the girls closely throughout the night. They have arranged for surgery tomorrow morning, most likely between nine and noon. We are very excited and very nervous for our girls. With so many thoughts and emotions, it's hard to really say anything else than it's all in God's hands. Please just pray for our doctors, Kelly, and of course the girls. We already love them so much. We did get to take a tour of the NICU on Monday, which is where the girls will be for several months more than likely. Kelly will be back in her original room a few hours after the surgery for at least a few days. We still have a long road ahead of us. As much as we would have loved for these girls to have 4 or 5 more weeks we trust that we will be able to look back and it not even matter. We thank the Lord for getting us this far. If it not for His grace and all of you that He has given us, our joy may have been lost. God Bless you all. We will let you know when the girls arrive.

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Ryan and Amber said...

WOW, this gave me chills! I will continue to pray for this family.