Monday, November 17, 2008

Koehlinger Twin Update!!!

Kelly will be 27 weeks tomorrow. This is truly a miracle in itself. She has yet to have any regular contractions or show any signs of infection. Kelly had been having ultrasounds done once a week and this last week when they made it twice a week. On the next ultrasound they changed it to three times a week and as of Friday they have decided to check them out everyday. The concern at this point is that the blood flow through the smaller babies umbilical cord is bordering on absent diastolic flow. This basically means the placenta isn't performing as it should. Also, her growth appears to be slowing according to recent measurements. Most likely, the blood flow will soon reverse, which is what there primarily checking for. If or when this occurs the girls will be delivered as soon as possible. As of this morning, the doctor said she believed this would occur within the next week. Which means babies! So, assuming all of the above is under control the biggest concern still is the size of the girls. Baby B isn't quite measuring 24 weeks and is 1 lb 4 oz where as her sister is right on schedule at 27 weeks weighing in at a whole 2 lbs.. Both are still at a pretty high risk, but that 3 week difference is huge. The odds of survival at 24 weeks is between 40 and 50 percent verses 27 weeks which is closer to 90 percent. Kelly is hanging in there and getting more beautiful all the time. Movies, books, and solitaire keep her pretty well occupied when she's not doing doctor stuff. Sasha and I went to Angel Fire last week for a few days to take care of some things and see some friends. We're back in Albuquerque now with my Mom at Sally and Asher's house. They've all been a big help with Sasha and everything else. Please continue to pray for more time for the girls and that they would both continue to grow and be healthy. Thanks. Chris, Kelly, Sasha and the girls (we're still working on the name thing)

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jedishoney said...

Thats great! We will keep praying!!! Grow babys grow!!!! Get healthy!!!