Monday, November 17, 2008

According to Jer and Sar, Pt. III

[Jer and I, in the spare bedroom, talking about Christmas gifts that are stored in there.]


[Looking at each other blankly, but resuming conversation.]



"What was that??"


"It sounded like someone's hitting the outside of the house."


At which point, we both rush to the living room only to find Abe crawling, headfirst, into the wall over and over...and over.

He's going to be a genius. I just know it.


Susan said...

Jeremiah and I got a giggle out of this.

Sarah said...

Sue~As did we. I really think no one can crack you up quite like your kids!

jedishoney said...

hahahahahahahaha He was trying to get to you guys.. hehehehehe such a good boy!!! Just wait! more fun times coming! I have some STORIES! hehehe

Ryan and Amber said...

hey we have something incommon right now. Your baby hits his head against the wall to get your attention, my baby whines at the door to get my And the clean house thing will come with them getting older. Dont even try now. haha. next we get to look foward to teenagers and thier rooms.

PosterOfAGirl said...

He's gonna be a great football player!