Sunday, November 30, 2008

According to Jer, Pt. IV

The reason for starting this blog is to not only to keep friends and family up to date on our ever growing and changing boys but also to document this crazy time in our lives called "parenting." With the fun natured spirit of that statement in mind, I write the following...

I preface the first story by saying in my 26 years of living, I think my toes have remained unpainted for all of about 20 seconds. Those closest to me understand the pain that unpainted toes cause me. It's like peanut butter with no jelly. Bread with no butter. You get the point, it just doesn't work. A new era has dawned in our house though and it's called children.

So we're sitting on the couch talking and enjoying our morning together when Jeremy says to me, "Hey, babe?"
To which I adoringly reply, "Yes, love?"
[J]"Um, do you think you could paint those? Your feet look like they are dead."
Ahem, not my most shining moment. Now do you see why I've kept them painted for so long?! I wonder if a red Sharpie would ease the cadaver like state of my footsies. Permanant and color. Now there's a thought.

Later that night or maybe even the next day, I guilted convinced Jer into changing a poopy diaper. I for sure might have even brought up the "dead feet comment" to help pursuade him to do it. Anyway, he agrees, does it like a champ, and even offers to rinse it for me. After he had been gone for a few minutes I decided to go check on him and make sure everything was okay. It wasn't. I walked by the bathroom only to see Jer stooped over the white bathroom rug and he was FURIOUSLY scrubbing. He didn't even look up when he blurted out "The poop, I dropped the poop." I could do nothing more. I instantly grabbed my stomach and preceeded to laugh until I was crying. He on the other hand did not find the situation to be quite as funny. I don't think he'll be rinsing diapers anytime soon either.

My, oh my, how children change your life.


jedishoney said...

So, your life is now, unpainted toes and poop on the floor.. hahahahaa love you!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, this made me laugh so hard. Ironic, while Jer was scrubbing poop out of the carpet yesterday, I was scrubbing puke out of the carpet. Cody has the stomach flu, and unfortunately didn't make it to the bathroom. Typically, I would run away from such a thing, as i'm a big time gagger. But, I guess I love him, so I sucked it up and scrubbed. In conclusion, poop or puke, my oh my how love can make you do things you normally wouldn't!

Sarah said...

You win Ash. I would take poop over puke any day. I hope Cody feels better soon! Or at least makes it to the bathroom next time!

Isn't it sad Tania?! I did paint my toes this morning though. They really looked like they only needed a ID tag and then they could have doubled for feet in the morgue. I am a WHITE girl!

Sydni said...

That story is hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh. If you can make poop that funny, well, you have a lot of funny material coming!


Aunt Kim said...

Still grinning :)
You need to consider a compilation of these stories in print. I can't imagine anything an expectant mother would enjoy reading more. You have a gift.
And Court can edit them!