Sunday, April 5, 2009

An Overdue Update

Things have become increasingly interesting around here lately. One of the most interesting things being naptime. As both boys are now standing in their cribs, they find it rather hilarious to stand and shriek at each other for the first twenty or thirty minutes of their naps. Ben also uses this time to practice his words and usually a slew of "Ebb! Hi! Baby! Ebb!" accompany the shrieking. In addition to the crib railing banter, they have also discovered that they can toss their lovies, blankets and pacis out of their cribs AND sharpen their fangs teeth on the crib railing. Usually their room looks like a hurricane has hit it whenever I go in to get them up and the notches in the wood tell me how long they've been awake. You know, kinda like a prisoner makes strikes on his cell wall?! Oh, but it sure is sweet to see those sweet little smiling faces bobbing up and down when I open that door. If only I could bottle that up.

Another interesting change is the fact that we have a walker! Abe has been working on his footwork for a couple months now, but it hasn't been until recently that he's spent more time up than down. He's really getting fast at manuvering around the house and we think it's just precious that he has his little "paths." He's close to standing from a sitting position but finds it pretty difficult to squat and pick something up. I have no doubt that in another couple weeks though, I'll probably be blogging something completely different. Everyday, he's getting better and better. I'm sure the days of running are closer than we care to think!

As for Ben, he's pulling up and starting to cruise. It's proved to be a bit more difficult with Ben because he hasn't yet figured out how to fall. He usually goes over like a ton of bricks which leads to a bonk on the head-or worse. I'm still trying to learn how to respond calmly and wait for his reaction before I rush over and scoop him up. SO easier said than done! Ben is also quite the little social bug. Recently, he enjoys being picked up by anyone and everyone. He says "Hi!" to strangers as they pass us by. If they so much as cast him a glance, he turns on the smiling. It's all over then. They are putty in his hands.

The boys have also been done with pureed foods for about the two months. In fact, we are finding if the food is too squishy, they sometimes spit it back out! They also don't really like to be fed. They want to feed themselves-to which the dog says, "AMEN-TABLE SCRAPS!" Some of their favorite finger foods are cubed cheese, ham, peas, black beans, scrambled eggs, bagels and oranges. They really love the citrus! It's also been really fun to see how their different tastes are already starting to emerge. Abe loves the cheese and Ben's all about the fruit! Over all they really are good eaters and haven't turned down much. Although I'm sure it will change a million times, for the moment I attribute their curious taste buds to their daddy's genes! However, one peculiar thing is that they are refusing to eat their beloved bananas! The just flat out refuse. Cubed, pureed, mixed in-forget it. They are smart and they know when they are being duped! I guess I overdid it.
This next week we will also be saying goodbye to the infant carriers and switching the boys over to the Britax Marathons. Hello and goodbye $600.oo!! It's worth the investment, or so we've been told, because these are the last carseats that we'll have to buy because they make the stretch to 65lbs. Ay-yay-yay, 65 pounders in carseats seems strange, doesn't it?! Anyway, it's done and to those of you who contributed to the carseat fund, we salute you. And thank you. And we'll post a picture of the boys in their new rides so you can see the goods.
We've also found that recently, down time and the days of ease are a thing of the past. The boys are non-stop, on the go, and usually into something they shouldn't. I often joke that the washing machine door is like the recess bell. I open it and they come running! They also love to get into the wipes, baby powder, refrigerator and 6 decks of cards that we have in a spare cabinet. Needless to say, I'm really feeling the double-duty these days, especially since they are so fast. Before I can finish moving one, the other is usually into the off-limits item.

While so much work, these days are still filled with such love and laughter! I really don't think a day goes by that I am not just amazed at these little people and filled with such gratefulness for them! Even though they may make me crazy sometimes with their cornstarch disasters and their non-napping, I just can't imagine life without them. I love my boys. I love my family.


Teresa said...

Sarah- to get the boys to eat bananas, just drizzle with chocolate, little bit of caramel, coconut and choc. chips. That will do it. Love you Teresa

Sydni said...

I like Teresa's comment! What a great update Sarah. Life with twins gives you some moments the rest of us will never experience. 65 pounds! I mean if they keep changing the law--I will be needing a car seat! ~Sydni

Caitlin said...

That would certainly get ME to eat it if I didn't want to! But doesn't doing all that take away the nutritional value of the Banana??? Maybe putting the Banana into a smoothie or something like that? Then they would still get fruit... I wish Crystal and I could be there to help you out though! Good luck with those growing boys!

Aunt Kim said...

Only Aunt Teresa would eat bananas with drizzled chocolate, little bits of caramel, coconut and choc. chips.
I absoultely loved this post. You should get the "bedtime banter" on video. That would definitely be a keeper, not to mention something "others" might be interested in hearing.

Anonymous said...

Oooo Sarah, I was just thinking today about your blog a couple months ago and hard things were, I'm there now. And now youre telling me it gets crazier???? I hope I adjust! It's been an intense week or two with 5 teeth and all the new milestones...were surviving though. :) sally

Crystal said...

I think that it would be a great idea to put a video of the boys at naptime. It may not always be fun for you to hear all the screaming but it would be great to hear Ben calling for "Ebb! Ebb!" I'll be praying for you guys.

Crystal P

Tania said...

This is a great post!!! So cool to catch up. I was SOOO SUPER HAPPY to get to finally put my hnads on those little guys!! Thank you SO MUCH! For sharing them for a couple minutes with me!!!! They truely are PRECIOUS!!!! See you all again in July right!! :) And, I have to say, I agree about the video!!!!

Trujillos said...

Love the new layout!!