Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well-Baby Visit and Update

The Deuce had their one year well-baby visit last Friday. We were already a little delayed due to their adjusted age, but their bout with RSV a couple months ago helped delay us even more. As usual, they weighed them, checked length, and head circumference. These were their stats:

44cm head circumference

45cm head circumference-10%

So just like their 6 month appointment, Abe is right on track in terms of meeting milestones and the growth chart. As for our Benny boy, still not so much. I wish I could say that all parties are still not concerned and time is all he needs but it appears that it is no longer the case. In fact, Friday we spent quite a bit of time talking with Dr. K about Ben, his weight and his milestones. It seems the doc feels that it is time to make contact with UNMH's Early Childhood Evaluation Program (ECEP) and have Ben evaluated for physical therapy. Dr. K seems to think that Ben suffers from Hypotonia, or low muscle tone, as a result of his prematurity. Rather than wait another 6 months to see if it improves, he wants to take a more proactive approach. Basically, PT would help him gain muscle tone and hopefully help him to excel at a faster rate than he would otherwise do on his own. Right now, we're in the preliminary stages of making contact with ECEP and then we wait for them to come out and meet with us. There is an incredibly long waiting list so the evaluation could take as long as August.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't experiencing a mix of emotions. However, in those emotions, I am still strongly clinging to God's sovereign will and what it means for our lives. So while I do not know exactly what the future holds for Ben, what I do know and trust is that he will do ALL that God intended him to do. No more. No less. Praise God for His perfect provision in our lives.


Sydni said...

Hey Sarah, just read this new post, and I will pray for wisdom for you and the doctors. Ben is doing way more than Chloe did at one year, so I imagine he'll catch up in time. Maybe while you wait to meet with the ECEP people, Ben will make some gains. If not, I would think a little physical therapy would help him. It's hard to be a mom AND not worry! When he's learning to drive someday, you'll wonder why you ever worried about this. Ha! ~Sydni

Susan said...

Hey lady, it's good to hear the update. I'll keep on praying for you guys! Let us know what happens next :)

Tania said...

Sounds good! Growth may not be terrific.. but they are growing.. and I think it is great that you have a pro active doc that is wanting to make sure now. That's a plus! I am happy you are keeping a right mind about it.. and I will pray for when you are in your weaker moments! I love you guys!