Friday, April 10, 2009

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Nap

This is the face of the little boy who cried and cried yesterday in place of his afternoon nap.
Check out those slits for eyes. He was soooo tired he almost couldn't keep his eyes open. Almost.

So I did what any rational mother would do. I got him up. And then I covered him in the laundry he was delaying me from folding.
I covered him. And covered him. And covered him some more. I covered him until he threw his hands up in admitted defeat.
But that's not all. Not wanting him to soon forget his lesson, I let his daddy have a turn with him when he got home. Just check out where that thumb is digging in and you'll know EXACTLY what kind of conversation they had.
Let's just hope it sunk in this time. I would really hate to have to go through this again. It's just not fun for any of us.


Aunt Courtney said...

Precious :) - Aunt Courtney

Scared Aunt Kim said...

I bet he never does that again!
WHEW, you guys were really tough on him. When the boys have their little "crib-to-crib chat" before sleep time, I'll bet he even goes and tells EBB not to do that.
Oh so scary! :)

Tania said...

hahahahaha well, you can hope... but I since more and more nap times where not a lot of sleeping happens!!! They are sweet!! Looks like his mood is ok! Even without the sleeping

Shauna said...

Man, am I glad nap time days are over!!! even if it does look like he MIGHT have learned his lesson! I can't wait to see the boys on Sunday and love on them!!

Gina said...

oh no! it sounds like you are getting close to moving to one nap/day! let me know when it happens, it will be easier to schedule play dates :)