Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coal Miner's Daughter?

This morning, in the brief moment I stepped out of the room, absolute bedlam erupted.

I'm talking universe shifting, total chaos, people.

Okay, maybe not that much. But I did feel the earth move a little under my feet.

But maybe that's because I was sprinting to the bedroom with a soot covered toddler in tow to ask his daddy if eating ashes requires a call to poison control.

I have no idea how to punctuate that last sentence.


So here's what happened. And I might add, there's a photo tutorial ONLY because I happened have my camera two hops from where this took place. I was already taking pics of The Deuce this morning otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to leave the flesh of my flesh burrowing deeper into peril just so I could grab the memory box. I generally look down on photo op's that endanger small children. So anyway....

I returned from the bathroom only to find my first born frolicking in our fireplace.

Look at his face. He knew he was frolicking too.

Very cute, but very naughty.

Just like the dog, he wouldn't even look me in the eye.

Anyone got a Tide-to-Go pen?! Anyone? Anyone?

And I guess bathroom breaks for mom are now on the negoiating table. Sheesh.


Aunt Kim said...

This one made my heart skip a little. So glad that all is well. And you are buying a new locking fireplace screen at Home Depot when?

Tania said...

hahahaha thats so funny! good thing it was just one of them! :) He is practicing for when he grows up and has to play santa for his kids! :) hehehe love ya!!!

Sydni said...

Sarah, that last picture is hilarious. He looks like he knows he's done wrong. Priceless! He got IN the fireplace?! You're in trouble girl. ~Sydni

Trujillos said...

Bwahahah!! Oh my goodness that is the funniest thing I have seen!! Look at he's clothes he's face..Priceless, lol..

Susan said...

Oh my... that is pretty silly!

Aunt Courtney said...

i think he's got the black lung, pop. haha that's my benji!

Anonymous said...

I would never expect that from Benji. AB, yes. What is happening here to the innocence of my toddlers? They are switching roles right before our eyes.

Okay,I have to ask the million dollar question. Did it clean out of his clothes?

I love you guys,

Grammy Pammy

P.S. Maybe a baby gate in front of the fireplace????

Lorena said...

Glad to know that my little Keely isn't the only one causing trouble these days. Oh Benji!

Aunt Kim said...

Still chuckling over this one..

P.S. I am with Grammy Pammy. Did it wash out? Inquiring minds want to know.

Mimi said...

Yea little Ben you go! Mimi loves to see you getting into mischief