Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Look Ma! No hands!

This is Ben's newest crazy baby trick! He does this all by himself. His daddy and I think it's pretty snazzy. What can I say? We have such gifted boys.


Lorena said...

I see a future Olympic Gymnast in our midst.

Tania said...

hahahahah that is really cute!!! I am a mean mommy.. so when my kids did that.. I would knock them over sideways... haahha we all laughed... and now they are in theropy! ;)

aunt courtney said...

ben truly is my nephew. i will show him how to do a tripod stand this weekend! - auntie c

Anonymous said...

What a nut!!! He is such an individual. You should appreciate that. You try doing it and see how easy it isn't.

Love you guys,

Grammy Pammy