Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our 2008 in 12 Photos

January-BIG pregnant!
February-Babies are here! Welcome Ben and Abe!
March-Babies are home and well! Mom and dad are TIRED!
April-Getting back into normal life; first trip to church!
May-Enjoying warm summer nights on the patio.
June-First foods!
July-Cloth Diapers
August-Mom and dad's first trip away from the kiddos!
September-First trip to see the Saints play!
October-First trip to Wagner Farms!
November-Setting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving!
December-Celebrating our first Christmas as a family of four!
If this much can happen in one year, I can only imagine what the coming year will bring! Thanks for following along with us on this incredible year! Lord willing, we will have many, many more!
Happy New Year!


Aunt Kim said...

Wishing you so may more blessed years to come. I love you all, and thank you and Jer for sharing the memories for those who are far away.

Anonymous said...

When you read it on paper, a lot did happen in 2008. This year will only bring bigger, brighter and better things with the Deuce. I can hardly wait for the new set of pics for 2009!!! You guys did a beautiful job in 2008. Keep it going. Its fantastic.

Hugs and kisses,

Grammy Pammy and Grandpa Mark

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Sarah! I have to tell you, I specifically remember praying that the boys would be able to go home soon and that they would stay healthy. We prayed that every single night at dinner, and look where they are now! You have such handsome boys! Good luck in 2009!

Love from Idaho,

Caitlin Poitras