Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boy on the Go!

A.B. figured out this last week that he can pull up on things and discover a whole new world and all new treasures! His only downfall is that he (wait for it!)...falls down! Ha! Something in the ol' cerebellum hasn't started firing quite yet to let him know that he can't just let go of things. It's pretty funny most of the time. However, I never expected that so many common, and otherwise safe things, would transform into such an arsenal against an unsteady baby. All of the sudden, even the ground seems harder.

On a side note, if his pacifier wasn't in his mouth TWENTYFOUR-SEVEN, I'd teach him to work the Grandpa Tom tongue. It helps with coordination.


Carol said...

He looks so accomplished!! Yeah for Abe!!

jedishoney said...

Getting sooo big!!! Is Ben crawling yet? i so wish there was sound on their though... ;) looks like he was having a good talk with you about something. hehehe