Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Little Drummer Boys

First music theory lesson
Drumming lessons from daddy
The Bee-Bop Band

Chewing on the drum stick is more funBum in the drum
Happy, not happy
Big ol' pout fest


jedishoney said...

so much fun!!! I hope the boys enjoy their first new years celebration! You are letting them stay up till midnight right? hahahahaha ;) Love the pics!

Aunt Kim said...

Looks as if the cousins are shaping their children into the next "Backstreet Boys" band. Between the Sloans' and the Brooks' we should have a band by next Christmas!

Aruna said...


You r lucky man, nice work keep it up


Caitlin said...

Look at that pouty lip, poor Ben! They are both so adorable!!!

Yay, my name label will actually work this time!

--Caitlin P.