Friday, December 26, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things...

I feel like singing like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music! Jeremy bought me a new camera for Christmas and these are a few of my favorite things...err, pictures...from our holiday! Hope your Christmas was filled with as much love, joy, and thankgiving for the Savior's birth as ours was!
A.B. with Aunti Staci on Christmas morning
Uncle Chris and Benji enjoying a snuggle
Aber, smitten with his new puppy
I just LOVE this picture
Happy with his djembe
Brotherly love
Benji's new Chucks
Sweet A.B. taking a rare break : )Abraham crackin up at Boomer
Those baby blues...


Susan said...

Ooo, a new camera, we're looking to buy one. What kind did ya get?

Sarah said...

Cannon Rebel XTi. Love it.

jedishoney said...

Love those pics!! I love to take the on the same level pics of little ones! Thats one of my fave poses! And... The ones where they are laughing hard at something!! Yay beuatiful!