Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Month Old and An Update!

Our sweet Judah is one month old!
It's hard to believe that it's already been a month! Between the holidays, a steady stream of visitors, and having Jer home from work, I feel like I've lost all track of time {hence the LATE one month post}!

After five weeks, I wish I could say that things are leveling out some but I just can't! After many frustrating days and tearful talks with Jer, we've concluded that it most likely has to do with the constantly changing scenery at our house. I mean, just a quick rundown of our last few weeks will just about make anybody's head spin! Week One: The boys are snowed in, with the flu, in Chama, with Grandpa and Nana. My mom comes for a few days and then I'm at home by myself with Judah. The boys come home still under the weather. Jer gets sick. I think about changing my name and checking into a hotel. Week Two: Jer is at work, I'm flying solo with all three kiddos, it's Christmas, we have a million and one family get togethers and then everyone leaves. We're all sad because "it was over too fast." Week Three: My mom comes to cook, clean, and generally, just keep the boys occupied. It's wonderful but we all know it's a false sense of reality. She leaves. I cry. Week Four: Jer is home, we seriously begin a schedule with Judah, I'm sleeping until the cows come home, and the boys cry incessantly because all of the people who fed them cookies at their beck and call, are now gone.

Whew! No wonder none of us can't get a grip! It's truly been nuts!

But even though our day to day routine has been a little out of sorts, a few things have {thankfully} gone off without a hitch! The first of which is nursing. I have to say that this has been the first and foremost of my concerns and something that I have spent much time in prayer about. After a pretty negative experience with the boys that ended in me pumping for 14 months, I wasn't sure how things were going to work out this time. I also was a little concerned about being tied-up with long feedings and how that would mix with two very active toddlers. However, things are going amazingly well! Judah is quite the quick and efficient eater and he's gaining like a Thanksgiving turkey {9 lbs. 10 oz!}! As for the boys, well this is the most trouble they've managed while I've been otherwise predisposed...Side note: Although Ben was very snugly wedged in that horse and desperately calling out, "Hep! Hep! Hep me!" he LOVED having his picture taken when he knew he looked so silly!
Another thing that has been going extremely well is how sweet the boys have been with Judah. Although at times they crowd him {and me when I'm trying to change a diaper, feed or burp him} there hasn't been any problems to speak of. They really love to give him his paci and wipe his mouth when he spits up and they both seem just generally interested in his care and how they can help take care of their brother. It's rather sweet! However sweet though, they are still two little boys who crash about and toss toys and are just unaware of their toddler strength. So needless to say, little Judah doesn't spend much time on the floor unattended. We recently bought him a bouncer that fits on the counter so I don't have to worry about the boys "caring too much" for Judah while I cook dinner or fold a load of laundry :)
We've also had great success with our playroom. With it being finished a week before Christmas, we've had little time to do anything with it but clean up the construction mess and move the boys' toys into it. They love to go out there and play and make a huge mess though! And the best part? When they're done, we can just close the door and pretend the mess doesn't exist! Hoo-rah!

As for works in progress, we've got a few of those items as well. The first and most important being our third-born's sleeping schedule. Although he is starting to give me longer stretches at night {sometimes 4 1/2 hours!}, I am beginning to think he still has his days and nights mixed up. It is beyond impossible to keep our guy awake after his daytime feedings! I change his diaper, strip him down, suck his nose, mess with him and he will still fall asleep right after! Then the night comes and he wants to party after his 3 am feeding! Imagine that!! So our little night owl has landed himself a permanent spot in his own room and in his own crib. Oddly enough, I think it's inconvenient only for me. I really liked having him so close to the bed in our room. It was nice to not have to leave my warm covers to feed and change him! A luxury I certainly did not have with the boys :) On the upside, though, Judah's been taking all of his naps in his crib, with virtually no fussing! Yay! And, much to my surprise, B&A's noise level doesn't seem to bother him, and his nighttime crying hasn't bothered them either. Thank the Lord!Another thing we've been working on is that we started Judah in cloth diapers but in a completely different system than the boys. I wasn't sure how things were going to work out with two different styles of diapers for our kiddos but it's proved to be just great. We were able to start J in cloth at 4 weeks {as opposed to 4 months with The Deuce} and they are so easy and fit him wonderfully! Plus the different systems make it to where I don't have to think about which diapers belong to which kid, especially late at night when my brain is mush. It's been quite an adjustment with all three babes in cloth, though. Mostly because the quantity of newborn diapers that we are going through now requires daily laundry and folding {as opposed to every 2-3 days before}. It's not a deal breaker but when the days already require so much, it sometimes feels a little daunting and Pampers don't look half bad :)
Our last project is Judah's room, which we set up this past weekend. I was surprised how quickly things came together but it might also be the new "Sarah with three kids" decision making that helped move things along. While it's rather simple, it's clean and cute and most attribute that is rare in our house these days! I'm still on the prowl for some finishing touches though, and suggestions are welcome!

So in a nutshell this is how things have been going and what we've been up to recently. I can't believe how long and probably boring this post must be but every time I sit down to work on it I can never get it finished and just end up adding more and more to it! So, before I think of something else or someone wakes up from their nap...I will post it!

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

I'm tired just reading this! You're doing an absolutely fantastic job, and things will start to level out a bit now that we're out of the holiday season. Remember to take time for yourself...whether you feel like you have it or not! Love ya. Ashley

Shauna said...

Thanks for the update Sarah! Everything does sound crazy!! You are doing an amazing job, though!! I LOVE the playroom, it looks awesome.

Susan said...

Whew! You're right, things have been busy over there! Hang in there, these crazy days will soon be a memory and once you're sleeping more everything will seem easier!
You're doing awesome, lady! And he is a cutie!

Aunt Kim said...

Whew! I am exhausted. Sure wish I was closer. I would love to lend a helping hand.

Sydni said...

Hi Sarah,

Three little ones is HARD. I so feel for you when you said you cried when your mom went home. I did the same thing when my mom left after every baby except the first, but especially after the third. Call me if you have feeding/sleeping questions. Sometimes it helps just to talk it out. Don't worry too much about how long Judah sleeps at one stretch right now. Abby woke me up every three hours like clock work for the first 8 weeks, and then she just miraculously started sleeping 8 straight hours. You just never know. The boys all three are just as cute and full of mischief as they can be! You're at the beginning of a most joyous adventure, and you're doing a great job! Let me know if you need a girl or two to play with the boys. Mine would love it.

Tania said...

So... I know you are struggling.. and I feel for you, but I agree with all the other mama's you are doing a FANTASTIC job!!! To have a smiley kid, even when he is stuck.. and to have all three in cloth.. and breastfeeding.. I am proud of you. I honestly HATED breastfeeding Asher because of having 2 young ones... but not as young as yours. I have a great deal of respect for you as a wife, and mom and friend!!! I love ya girl!! And thank you for your posts and updates. I love them!

Anonymous said...

I want to come play in your playroom! It looks great!!!

Sarah said...

Come on over, buddy! We'll drink coffee ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put and well aired. Do you realize this is therapy as well as a "baby book" for your little ones? You are just voicing the business in your life right now, but there is a joy and peace that comes with the words and phrases. Keep blogging, keep sane!!! It clears the air in your brain!!!!

I love you guys