Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In the Land of Being One...

Goats drive taxi's and pigs catch a ride
Purses bulge with Hotwheels
Goldfish live in barns
And walruses like to drink from a bottle.
Also in the land of being one....

Go-ku=cookie {Abe}
Dane-du=thank you {Abe}
Bay-pe=baby {Abe}
Ceri=cereal {Ben}
Key-Ka=carrot {Ben}
Pie=dessert {Ben}
Schnaps=snacks {Ben}
Nigh=light {Ben}
Meow=cat {B&A}
Hep=Help {B&A}
Wah-wah=water {B&A}
Side=outside {B&A}

I can hardly wait to see what's to come in the land of being two!


Aunt Courtney said...

You forgot SHOPPY! Shoppy, shoppy, shoppy. . . .

Tania said...

you will find out in just about a month right? :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, I think Schnapps make a great snack sometimes too; late night snack at least! ;) Love ya, Ashley

Sydni said...

What a clever post!