Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Color Purple

This past week, The Deuce tried their hand at coloring with Crayola TaDoodles {translation: extremely fat markers}. The results!
Confession: For a moment I contemplated taking them away because Ben absolutely would NOT stop licking them. However the thought of an additional five minutes of peace won me over and so the licking continued.
Bless you Crayola and your non-toxic quiet makers!


Susan said...

And look at all those smiles!
How long was his mouth purple?!

Sarah said...

It's amazing! The ink washes right off! He was purple only until I wiped him down-magic!!

Anonymous said...

Who could absolutely resist the grin he is bearing on that face???
Tell me truly??? I would have given him the whole box if they weren't going to hurt him in any way. I love my Benjie!!!!


Tania said...

glad you got some peace!!! Looks like the coloring was a hit!!!

Crystal said...

Awww! Love it! Sometimes you just have to let them go and enjoy the simple things in life!