Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Five Minutes For Mom

Recently, I've been petitioning some other moms for activities that will keep my Duo busy during these cold winter home-bound days and that will also give me a chance at accomplishing a load of laundry or loading the dishwasher. And while some CRAZY things like glue and glitter were mentioned {makes me shake in my slippers just thinking about it!} so were some more clean-up friendly ideas, like exploring with flash lights and making cereal necklaces. This week, however, I decided that we would try our hand with homemade play-doh. And let me tell you, it was such a hit, I regretted that we didn't try it earlier! Who would have thought that just a few ingredients from the pantry would buy me over 30 minutes of happy and occupied toddlers! Solid gold! So for those of you who suggested activities, Thank You! We are slowly working our way through most of your ideas! And for those of you who might have something different to offer, Please! We'd love to have some more...

Look at those profiles! I think it's the first time they've ever looked like each other!
Ben loved tearing it into pieces, putting them into the bowl, and then dumping them out.
Abe liked to SQUEEZE the dough!
A little taste here and there didn't hurt anything either :)

And for my fellow friends who are also currently in the trenches of toddler-hood, in case you're interested!

Here's the website I used for our play-doh recipe. We made Play-Doh #2 but there are lots of other recipes that might better accommodate what you have on hand.

And here are a few mommy tricks that have been helpful in keeping my little busy-bodies seated and happily playing! {Warm the play-doh in the microwave for a few seconds before they use it. Soft, warm play-doh was better received and easier for their little hands to manipulate~Introduce tools one at a time. When something gets old, remove it and replace it with another~Provide something to snack on while they play. It discourages munching on the dough.}

And lastly, our tools: A bowl, potato masher, Lego, Barbie brush, pastry cutter, small cookie cutter, piping tip, beater, and a small wooden dowel. Really anything would work though!
Happy play-doh'ing!


Tania said...

first... I have to ask.. Did they get haircuts???? They are so dang cute!! Second, I am sooo happy that you found something that they love so much!!! I am glad you were able to get some stuff done and keep them busy for a while!!! you are such a great mommy!!!

Crystal said...

Great idea, the boys looked like they really loved it, and not too messy that's a plus! I've been thinking about making play-doh, but was worried about the mess, seems like it's actually not too bad, I'll have to check out this website for recipes, thanks!

Sydni said...

Playdough is good for their fine motor skills too! Birthday gift ideas: Color Wonder markers, paper,and paint--mess free art! DVD's--my kids' favorites were "The Donut Man" and Steve Green's "Hide "Em in Your Heart" videos. They will love them and will learn scripture while they watch. Mmm... Juan Tabo library has a fairly good selection of videos that 2 year olds would enjoy. A good friend of mine raising 5 boys swears by giving her toddlers a spray bottle of water and a rag and letting them "clean" their toys or the walls! At night, you could cut out shapes or objects from construction paper. Then, give them a glue stick and let them glue a picture. Rotate their toys in and out of their play room, so they don't get bored with their toys. Start teaching Judah NOW how to have play pen time--I can e-mail you something on that if you're interested. Let the boys "help" you with laundry and cleaning chores. They can throw wet clothes into the dryer, dust along after you with a feather duster, and help you carry small trash cans to the big trash. Be sure you have lots of chocolate stashed away for yourself--raising toddlers and having a baby isn't easy! Ha! If I think of anything else, I'll post another comment.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they had a lot of fun. Good tips Sarah. I agree with Sydni. Great for fine motor skills. They are also kick starting creativity as well. Benji looked very proud of his potato masher play doh on a stick. How about making it in different colors? Tell them grandma wants to come play next time.

Love you.

Aunt Kim said...

Auntie Kim wants to come too! I LOVE playdough. Just keep those creative juices flowing Sarah.