Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lavender Festival

It's been awhile since our family spent a day, strolling in the summer sun, accomplishing nothing but eating and spending some quality time together. So this weekend, Jeremy and I decided to take the boys to the 5th Annual Lavender Festival. Although extremely hot, the sky was clear and beautiful, and the giant Cottonwoods provided enough reprieve to keep us sustained. Not to mention it was an excellent excuse to enjoy the festival's infamous Lavender Lemonade!

We all enjoyed the grand entrance this row of Cottonwoods made up!
Lavender fields this way!
Part of the fields
Ben and Dada checkin' out a pig!
My guys
More interested in the little girls next to us than the calf!
GIANT lily pads on the farm
Enjoying the lavender lemonade
Ben couldn't get enough!
And this is what The Deuce thought of...
...these guys!!
Headed home!


Caitlin said...

Lavendar Lemonade... does it taste much different than regular lemonade?

Caitlin said...

What is so different about the lemonade???

Sarah said...

Sorry Caitlin! The lemonade is made by steeping dried lavender in hot water then using the lavender water to make lemonade. It tastes very different than regular lemonade but it's very, very good! Here's a recipe in case you want to try it!

Caitlin said...

It's okay! Thanks! (I'm sorry, I was getting a little impatient!)