Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Really Good Day

Ben LOOOVES his binker!
Sweet Ben, sleeping
Hambone Abraham Sloan gettin' weighed!
Precious Abe loving his daddy time!

So today I did two things that I haven't done in a VERY, VERY, VERY long time...I woke up this morning...on my stomach!! Yeah!!! I also cooked dinner! Hard to believe I know but I just could not stomach another Subway sandwich!
Today was a really encouraging day in the NICU as well. Boys boys took their entire feeding from me! This is a huge deal as they were two weeks old yesterday and they had yet to do this. They are also growing like crazy! My little Ben is finally over four pounds! 4.2 lbs. to be exact. He's also beating his brother at the eating game. While Abe is just nippling two feedings a shift (every twelve hours) Ben is allowed to nipple a feeding whenever the nurses, Jer or I see fit. He's taking about six of his eight feedings per day! This is just a hair shy of meeting all of his "requirements" to come home! You should see him go! He's small but mighty! I think he'll have his mother's disposition, while Abe will be more laid back like his daddy. We're really hoping and praying that both boys will make it home by the middle of next week. It's all up to them though : ) We're especially praying that they won't be discharged separately. Once one is discharged, they're not allowed back in the NICU. Talk about a dilemma for mom~I don't even want to go there. Our little Abe is trucking along too. He looks so much bigger than his brother, it's hilarious! He's just a pinch shy of five pounds. 4.13.8 lbs. He looks so much chunkier though. I think it's because they are both the same length, but Abe has a half a pound on Ben. I bathed both boys today and they just made me laugh. Someone is constantly peeing or pooing all over the place. I am NOT joking people! These kids are constantly going! It's like they know the smell of a clean bottom or diaper! To make matters worse I still haven't learned my lesson about little boys...ALWAYS point "it" down! : ) Take note Sally!
Jer and I are hanging in there. Things are a little hectic with all the back and forth but that's how it goes. We had a chance this last weekend to go have a nice dinner at Savoy and the table next to us, as well as the restaurant actually picked up our tab! It was a nice night and a long time coming. We hadn't done anything outside of the house in almost two months. It was great to not have just order pizza and a movie for our night out. We did some much needed grocery shopping this weekend as well. We spent over two hours at Wal-Mart just taking our time and checking everything out...after had been some time since either of us had been there! Ha! Wal-Mart! Who would have thought!
I know there's not any new pictures up...but really there's nothing new. Until they get discharged, it's kind of the same ol' stuff. We'll try to post pictures bi-weekly so you guys can see how much they are growing. I'm trying to think of a way that we can track their growth through pictures but it's yet to come to me. In the meantime any 'cute' pictures that I take, I will post in the blog so you don't have to view the whole slide show for just a couple of pictures.

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