Monday, March 24, 2008

Diapers, Bottles, and Crying! OH MY!

(By the way, I wrote this blog last Wednesday afternoon. I thought I published it...nope! Happy reading!)
It's 4:26pm. I've attempted to write a blog about 17 times in the last few days but somehow I always end up not finishing it! Imagine that! Right now while I type, Ben is sleeping and Abe is starting to stir. He's such a Sloan man. Always ready for the next meal WAY before it's time to eat. He's not even supposed to get his dinner until 5:30. Poor little guy! Looks like the binker will have to do in the meantime. We've had a crazy couple of days to say the least. Because we didn't know when the fellas were going to come home, Jeremy hadn't planned his vacation time. We both thought it would be a good idea "at the time" for him to just work this week in hope of getting a little more prepared to take his two weeks off. So his vacation doesn't start until next Monday and I am flying solo in the meantime. We are stupid. I don't think either of us knew what two infants in the house was going to be like. Well, let me sum it up. Our world is rocked. The last two nights little Aber has decided to stay up and party until the wee hours of the morning. I don't think I've even seen 3:45 am since prom. On top of feedings and diaper changes every three hours, his sleep strike left mom and dad with little shut eye.
The boys had their first doctor's appointment yesterday as well. They got rave reviews. Little Ben weighed in at 4.7 and 18 inches long and Abe weighed in at 5.5 and 18 3/4 inches. It was their first outing too. They slept through the whole thing except for when the doc looked down their throats with the popsicle stick and they both gagged. They go back this Thursday for their "circs" as the doctor's office called it. All I know is that I will be miles and miles away from their room. I couldn't even handle the NICU nurses pulling the stickers off of their faces.
Well, it's time to feed the troops so off of blogger and to the kitchen I head. Before I go, here's a few of my fav moments from the past couple of days.
Highlights of the week:
  • Changing their diapers and clothing without having to worry about pulling one of the stupid wires off of them or yanking on their feeding tubes.
  • Having both boys in their bassinet next to our bed. At night, we just lay in bed and listen to the soft little noises they make while they sleep.
  • Abe pooped all over our bedspread while Jeremy was changing his diaper, peed on the pillow and himself while dad was changing him and managed to pee on Carol twice. This ALL happened within 24 hours. I witnessed all of them. Hilarious.

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Anonymous said...

Well it's official, you are now parents. Once the peeing and pooping on household items commences, there's no turning back! Sounds as if these two little ones are thriving. Don't be afraid to ask for help so that you two remain vertical and sane. I wish with all my heart that I was closer so I could lend a hand. I will send positive prayers for your strength (and the little one's sleep).
Aunt Kim