Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keep Calm It's Spring Break

This week, the kids and I are on Spring Break, or rather the kids are on Spring Break and I am catching up on neglected parts of our world like a mad-woman and potty training the baby. Add in the snow that we got on Monday and we're all a little off kilter. Today, I started to feel sorta bad that the boys have been trapped at home on their "break" but then I remembered that yesterday Gracie peed on Abe's backpack and today Ben stepped in some #2, so at least they have some good stories to tell their friends about their week at home come time to share around the park jungle gym. I also made them Kool-Aid for the first time in their lives. Gotta make those memories somehow, right?!
Really though, Spring Break starts tomorrow when all three boys leave with Jer and his dad to go turkey hunting. To say they are excited would be the understatement of the century. They are PSYCHED. The cutest part? Abe and Ben begged their pop to give them the hunting rule book that came with their permit. The books only have a bunch of laws written inside but because they have animals on the fronts and they are from Pop, they are considered official and as good as gold around here. Precious, boys.
As for me and Grace, well we're gonna paint the town and party like it's someone's second birthday. I haven't entirely decided how to celebrate Friday's festivities with my girl but I'm thinking it just might include cupcakes, Build-A-Bear, and definitely a sleepover in daddy and momma's bed. To say I am excited would be the understatement of the century. I cannot tell you how greatly I am looking forward to some down time with just Gracie. It may be her birthday but it feels like mine too and so I'm hoping to finish one of my eight reads, tackle a project, or just go cruise Target with a Starbucks.
As for school, the boys and I will start Monday in our 30th week and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our remaining book stack is soooooooo small. It's crazy when I look at our notebooks and read-alouds and math books and consider just all the Lord has allowed us to accomplish this year. It makes me almost weepy! Sort of like my first year as a momma. The day to day can be just so dang hard and yet when you get through it, you look back with such a sweetness on the the time as a whole. We have definitely found our groove and I'm *almost* sad to give it up but I know the rest is needful. We are all certainly ready for summer and the different flow it brings to our days. And the boys cannot hardly contain their elation over swimming lessons. Lord help us and those upcoming swimming instructors.
As for my little people, well they are just as busy and funny and sweet as ever. Judah is forever my helper boy, constantly wanting to help me pull weeds or bake or sweep the kitchen. And Grace, she just wants me...and books...and songs...and to, "sit, mama." The two of then definitely keep me on my toes but they remind me to play and be silly and to just chill out. I mean, who in the world can take themselves and their mountains of dirty clothes seriously when the baby asks to help, "Foad da yaundry?"
And last, because there is just no rhyme or reason to my life, here are the only photos I have as of late. They are all random but precious nonetheless, as they do contain the five that I love so dearly and a little glimpse in to life here at Sloansburg.
Yet another read aloud. Ben's form is gold medal worthy.
Friday guitar lessons, couchside.
One of his many costumes. Note shoes on wrong feet and the fact that, "This is what great looks like."
Quintessential potty pic.
This kid does more costume changes than Cher.
A rare baking appearance. My friend Sue's Challah. Making it is as bad as having a newborn in the house. It's needy. But at least you get to eat it at the end of the day. With butter. Make it for Easter and people will love you.
Twenty years of friendship. There's hardly words for seeing our babies play together.
My not so helpful helper.
The boys' interpretation of Calvary Hill. Sad part? I was accidentally watering it with a spray bottle full of water/vinegar. No grassy hill this year, folks! 

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Love, love these. Thanks for sharing!