Sunday, May 11, 2014

Resurrection Sunday

Easter this year found us celebrating first with our church family and then with a kick-yer-shoes-off afternoon with Jer's side of the family tree. True to form, the boys ate their weight in candy and we all had some good laughs watching the newbie's try to fall in to line with the well seasoned egg hunters. It was quite a sight. But then again so is a four year old wearing a camo hat who's hopped up on 22 miniature boxes of Nerds. 
New to the party this year was my venturing out into the world of matching shirts. {Hasn't every mother dabbled?!} The boys were not fans and even less so of tucking them in. 
Dolly's Easter dress, though?! Swoon. It was a peach smocked chiffon number, reminiscent of The Great Gatsby and bought by her Grammy. I died a thousand deaths. It's a shame the only pictures that made it were of her wrinkled, dirty faced, and waaaaaaay over leaving her headband in. 
After lunch and egg hunting, we tried our hand at some family pictures. They are just too precious and HI-LAR-I-OUS not to post. As a disclaimer, I guess it should be said that we have 8 kids, seven and younger. The very fact that they are all dressed and in one place and that someone is not crying or throwing up is reason enough to take a picture. But now add in the fact that we still have our Nana (92 in a few weeks) and we just had to.
Our family was next. It's practically tradition. See here and here
But then! THEN came Mimi and Pop's turn. Award winning, in my opinion.
Can you say, "Christmas card?"

And last, I'll leave you with some sweet pictures of Judah Boy swinging the babies. He must have pushed them out there for close to a half hour. Bless his heart.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the pictures and post. Loved them. Almost felt like I was there with you!


Sydni said...

LOL! Great pictures!