Sunday, March 23, 2014

Seven Days

This week, we painted some lions...rawr. 
Hit up the DQ for some Dilly Bars (2 mint and 1 cherry) and an Oreo blizzard.
Woke up with some photo worthy bed head.
Built these things.
Went to the zoo.
Had a snowstorm.
Started our 27th week of school.
Made and ate ALL of these babies.
Stood up in sun night and in our jammies.
Picked up some new park buckets and shovels-1 per grasshopper.
Mastered the art of playing Checkers.
Took a selfie.
Sat in a cave.
And went back to the zoo...again. 
What'd you do with your last seven days?


Susan said...

Whew!! Sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo update and the beautiful smiles!! Please keep them coming.

Love mom