Friday, May 31, 2013

Time With Our Sweet Nana

I'm often in awe at the grace that my babies have so many grandmas in their lives. Would you believe that there are TEN?! Three grandmas, four great grandmas, two great-greats, and one adopted from church. They are each such a treasure to us and love our boys so well.
This past Saturday we finally had the chance to visit our Nana after a serious bout with pneumonia and her move from Jer's parents to a rehabilitation clinic. To say the change wasn't rough on everybody would be a lie. The boys especially had a hard time. They went from seeing her a couple times a week to not really knowing where she was or even having the option to visit. It had been several months of impromptu tears and upsets but that all ended Saturday when they got to see that their beloved Nana was resting well! 

Before we left, we tried fiendishly to get a photo of this five generation span. Although this was the best we could do in the short time before Grace came undone, I have to admit this picture is so precious to me. It truly shows just how much love exists between this grandmother and her grandchildren. Nearly ninety one years old and still clutching a baby in her lap and an arm around another. As for the other two, they're holding on to the sides of her wheelchair that she just finished giving them rides in. 

What a heritage she has both her on earth and in Heaven. And what a blessing that we have gotten to claim her as ours. 


Sydni said...

Blessed indeed!

Susan said...

This is so sweet, friend. And what a gift.