Friday, May 3, 2013


My Darling Grace Girl,

How to believe that that just a little over a year ago, life for us whirled with three little boys and just the possibility of a daughter.

"Do you think the baby is a girl?" I would ask night after night, as your daddy and I would pull back sheets.

He would just grin his grin and shake his head murmuring something about how his opinion wouldn't change one little thing about what the Lord had in store and how I should just wait and see and after all, isn't this what we wanted? To wait and see?

Wait and see, we did. You were our fifth baby and our fourth born and yet we waited to know you until your birth day just like the rest. And on that eighteenth of April when push gave way to life, I saw and I knew and heart song gave birth to lip praise to the Giver.

And now here we are, celebrating you and your first year, both gracious gifts from our Lord. And while they're may not be a big party or presents, there is much thanksgiving and love for you. You are an every day reminder of God's faithfulness, tender care, and mercy in our lives and you are a so very, very precious part of our family.

You are our Gracie Girl, and you're one year old. 

Happy Birthday to you, little one. 

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