Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

Summer is officially in full swing around here, even though we doubted those first snowy weeks in May whether it would truly come! With the exception of the usual afternoon winds, the boys have been enjoying the warm weather immensely. Most mornings, they are out the back door as early as nine o'clock riding bikes and finding the perfect sticks to practice their jedi knight moves {bunch of nerds!}. And I can't tell you how happy I am to have an hour of quiet to clean up breakfast and do a few chores with only one bambino underfoot. Especially since that rising sun catches us almost 45 minutes earlier than Albuquerque and the boys are often up right along with it. 

As for school, we're still chugging along. For the most part, we will be continuing through the summer for the sake of rhythm and because it's really been a great way for the four of us to spend some intentional time together. It's amazing to see just how much we have fallen into a groove and everyone {for the most part} knows what's expected of them.  

Even Judah, who just a few months ago provided a fairly large distraction, has now resigned to the fact that it's better to sit and color quietly than to be banished to the living room for not allowing us to work without interruption. Plus, the warmer weather has provided us so much more freedom to work OUTSIDE, which everyone loves. I mean, who doesn't love coloring and practicing reading with a soft breeze and the birds chirping in the trees?

And who doesn't love teaching while working on their tan?!
If we gotta practice those phonemes, I might as well prop those legs up in the sun, right?!

Speaking of tan, let's get to this little Sloan Gem. She has the most beautiful olive glow to her just like her daddy. Except for her creases. Those are white like momma. 
This last week, she had her first go round with water play and her very own pop-cicle. To say she dug it would be a tremendous understatement.
Sweet, sweet summertime...
...we welcome you!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have gone to school like that. Some days I would love to just move my computer to the front porch! Love the pics. Miss you guys......


Susan said...

Oookay. So. When the heck did she get to be so big?! Time is flying. Lovely family, friend. You're doing a great job. Keep truckin'.

Aunt Kim said...

Well now that scenario looks quite familiar. Good times and good memories were had on my visit.