Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Gracie Girl, Five Months Old

This month found our girl jet setting to Denver for a weekend of girl time. This past Friday, my sis, grandma, Grace, and I headed north to visit my mom, as well as her side of the family.

We ate, we chatted, we shopped, we ate Rock Bottom mac'n'cheese and we stayed up waaayyyyy too late and got up waaayyyy too early. And my Dolly did just fabulous. With the exception of a little fussin' she mostly tolerated our need for Centerra and incessant stops, including a marathon trip to Home Goods.
The airport travel was almost effortless and our sweets slept through both the flights. Fifty five minutes ain't no thing, but it's still a bit hard to do airport security during naptimes. So needless to say I was relieved when she stayed crashed in the Moby and I got to enjoy my peanuts and Ginger Ale in peace. {As a side note, does anyone else drink Ginger Ale only when they fly?!}
As the highlight to the weekend, Grace finally got some one on one time with MY Grammy, her Great-Grammy, or GG. Words do no justice for how I felt getting to see these two get to know one another, so I'll just let the pictures do the talking...

Our girl also got to meet her third cousin, Deb, and catch up on on all things peacock ; ) {That's for YOU Deb!}
In other news, our girl is still being inundated with kisses, has rolls that would shame a Shar-Pei, fusses if everyone suddenly leaves the room, and insists on standing if you hold her. She's yet to try any solids and although she loves the bottle, she's not too fond of water. 

She can do the gut-sit, as in her belly allows her to remain semi-upright even thought the balance has yet to come, is rolling all over the place, pulls hair, earrings, or whatever she can get her mitts on {including momma's coffee a couple of times.}and has found a new interest with the Johnny Jumper-that is IF we can get her brothers out of it!
Her eyes speak volumes. They are blue, and green, and brown and I really have no idea where they will eventually land. They are bright and shiny and BIG as day. And they tell you exactly what she is thinking. We often say that they look like thy cloud up and rain when she's upset and they smile even before her lips part.
I think she looks like her daddy and her Uncle Shaan but she is needy like her momma and laughs like her brother A.B.. She loves attention and being held and she really loves when I fall back asleep after the 4:30 nursing session and she gets to camp out. And yes she is back to waking in the night. Oh but to see her on her side, mouth open, quietly snoring and sprawled out. No better way to wake up.
Her pink jammies have her scent and her eyelashes bat so prettily and that crease in her neck. OH THAT CREASE. She has become part of our family so seamlessly and we are just smitten with our girl. 

She's our Gracie-Girl and she's five months old.


Aunt Kim said...

Dearest Grace,
I am aching to meet you.
Love you

Aunt Teresa said...

Sarah ~ I so enjoyed this post, especially since we had the JOY of seeing you and Courtney and Miss Grace ~ I say we start using those FREQUENT Flier Mileage and my house is open again for all us Girls and Babies to gather again. She has Truly Blessed your family ~ Love you Teresa