Thursday, September 27, 2012

According to Abe: Thirty and Growing

Me: (Tucking my boy into bed.)

Abe: "Momma, I like your birthday even though it doesn't have a party!" 

Me: "Thanks, baby. Me too."

Abe: Momma, how old are you again?" 

Me: "30." 

Abe: "And how old were you yesterday?" 

Me: "29." 

Abe: "Oh." 

(contemplative pause) 

Abe: "Momma can you stand up?" 

Me: "Sure darlin. But why?" 

Abe: "Because I wanna see you." 

(longer contemplative pause) 

Abe: "Momma?" 

Me: "Yes Abe?"

Abe: "Thirty sure looks taller!"



TonyaMomma said...

At least he said taller and not OLDER! Haha! ;)

Aunt Kim said...

Wonder how tall 50 looks to Abe?

Anonymous said...

You must be at least a 12T now. - Courtney

Anonymous said...

That's funny right there Court!!