Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fall Things

September rolls in downright hot after August rains. 

Sunflowers bloom full and bring promise of the State Fair. 
Harvest Festivals boast the summer's vine ripe melons.
And Mud Swallows abandon their long guarded summer refuge.
Walls give way to make room for a crackling and popping stove.
And school supplies stack up high
Bread rises happily on the kitchen island.
And a bouquet of #2's is more welcome than a bouquet of roses. 
 Yes, my friends, I do believe fall is upon us. How is it popping up at your house?


Anonymous said...

Nice blog Sarah. I can feel Fall after seeing this. Don't know about you, but I absolutely love the tiles for the new fireplace. Looks wonderful. Bennie is reall changing in the looks dept. I think he has actually gained some weight. Maybe on the chart now?


Sarah said...

Grammy Pammy! Check your glasses-that picture is of ABE and JUDAH :)

Anonymous said...

My glasses are definitely on. I still say that is Bennie. I don't see Abe at all!


Aunt Kim said...

#1 Is that YOUR playhouse? I wanna come visit if it is!
#2 I see Abe and Judah!
#3 Yummy, I'll take some of that bread please.