Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh Where, Oh Where Have My Babies Gone?

Thanks to a recent and much needed download from my phone to my computer, we've been enjoying long lost videos and pictures of my gents when they were just the wee-est of babes. Although I probably considered these out-takes at the time now they are as sweet and precious to me as ever could be! How it kills me to see my lads so small. Their little words, their little idiosyncrasies that have carried through even two and a half years later; how I miss those days! Alas, such is the cry of every mother, "If only time would just stand still!" But it doesn't and so these videos serve as a strong admonishment to me to put my feet down right amidst this day, right where these three rowdy boys and one snuggle-y girl are in my midst. For one day soon, I'll be pondering over these lost days with my littles. And until the day of that magnificent discovery {you know, the one where they figure out how to bottle time?} occasionally you'll find me here at the computer perusing after children are long tucked away just to hear another "trust in the Yord." 


Anonymous said...

Oh my seems so long ago. I absolutely loved this. Remember the one you sent for my B-day, and Abe's foot. If you have any more to share at some time, would love to see them.


Aunt Kim said...

Video #1....Abe's face....priceless

Video #2....Ben's "can't sing it".....priceless