Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blameless Dorks?

One of our favorites around here is Steve Green's Hide Em' in Your Heart. It's usually on continuous play whenever we're driving. Although most of the songs are extremely catchy and fun, my favorite of them all has to be A.B.'s take on Philippians 2:14. He sings it throughout the day although his interpretation isn't what we would call, "Theologically sound."

The actual word is not "dorks" but "pure" but it's all in how you hear it, I guess :) Listen to the correct but not so hilarious version here!


Susan said...

We listen to that one, too! Have you heard of Seed Worship? That a fav around here!

Sydni said...

We are all cracking up! We listened to Hide 'Em in Your Heart a ton when the kids were little. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I love the serious nature of Abe's singing more than I do Jeremy's facial reaction over the word "dorks." Hilarious, but good job Abe!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

was gonna say the same thing as Pam ~ Jeremy's reaction pRICELESS

Amanda said...

I really was waiting for Jeremy to lose it back there lol. Hilarious A.B. Auntie loves you :)