Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jemez Fun

{Excuse the formatting disaster. Blogger must not like all my pictures!}
Does anyone else remember going camping as a kid and FREEZING in your tent? How bout' waking up at 5:45 because you laid there most of the night {shivering} and you're ready to just be done with the rustling that you hear every 2.5 seconds and the dew that comes through the tent wall every single time you inadvertently touch it? Maybe trembling with a slight case of hypothermia while your dad makes the fire in the day's first light and dreaming of 10 am when you will finally be able to feel your toes again? Seems like the staple camping experience, huh? My children, however, have not yet had to "rough it." Instead they have gone camping with my dad and us and it has only ever been in an RV. So instead of the proper love/hate relationship that most of us tent campers have, they instead think camping is AWESOME and are forever walking around scratching their heads as to why we don't just do it every day. Wonder why?!

In all fairness though, I doubt we would ever be camping without an RV. Four small kids and a wet and freezing tent? Pass.

RV or not, we did have a fantastic time! Once we actually found a place to camp, we were right next to a stream where the boys could fish and swim and throw rocks. I think it'd be safe to say that they spent 85% percent of the time in the water but most of it was by accident. That made things interesting considering we only brought them one pair of shoes. {Can you say, parenting fail?!} But it was wonderfully cool and it rained and the lax schedule felt rather indulgent if I do say so myself. We enjoyed smore's and a camp fire and hikes and stars-but honestly, it was all stuff we have here right at home! We laughed over and over about how we spent our time and money to go do something we could have done right here in our own back yard. Nevertheless, good memories were made and we gained a little insight for our upcoming two week Gulf Coast tour.


Sydni said...

Precious! Just precious. I cannot relate to freezing cold camping trips--only in NM. My childhood camping trips were characterized by heat, humidity, and mosquitoes. Where are you going on the Gulf Coast?

Sarah said...

Sydni, Jer's cousin is getting married in Florida in November so we're cruising along the entire coast line and back. More than two weeks in the RV :) Fun times!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful wonderful pictures!! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

Loved it!


Aunt Kim said...

I want to go with next time!