Thursday, October 20, 2011

These Days

These days, my boys favorite drink to ask for is "memon-ade." It gets me every single time because I fear it's the last of their littleness.

These days, you'll find us in the appliance section in stores all across town. Our washer and dryer, as well as the fridge are staying with the old house. As much fun as NEW is, now that our initial price comparison has begun, I'm missing how the others were FREE. Ouch! Why are appliances sooooo expensive?!

These days, Judah is pretty bagel and cream cheese obsessed. Who am I kidding, so am I.

These days, Ben loves to play soccer or toss a ball or go for a walk. He calls all of them "these games." He really love it if their daddy or I will play, too.

These days, the big boys ask if the baby is coming out.

These days, Jer's busy, busy with work. It recently taken him to Massachusetts  and Canada and next will be Texas and Florida. While I'm thankful for the business, I'm even more thankful that him needing to travel for work is just for a season.  

These days, I long to sew, bake, and read. The reality is, not long after the boys go to bed, I pass out on the couch. 

These day, my big boys ask approximately 967 questions a day. It's insane. It's especially harsh when I'm trying to make a left turn. I often find myself trying to turn down the radio only to realize that it's not even on. All the noise is coming completely from the backseat. 

These days, Jeremy has been making me a fire in our fireplace every night that we can, even though our lows are only in the 40's and 50's. Our new house has a gas fireplace and we are both sad that we won't have the crackle of a real fire to heat us through the winter.

These days, Ben and Abe are oh-so-very curious about the differences in the people we come across during our day. "Is that person a boy or a girl?", "What happened to that guy's nose?", "Why is that man feeding that lady in the funny chair {wheelchair}?"and the like have made for many a awkward conversations with the usually overhearing parties. 

These days, you'll most likely find my husband starting a load of laundry and folding the clean clothes in the dryer before he goes to work. Who would have thought that something so simple could help our day go a little smoother. 

These days, Judah is cutting his eye-teeth and 2 year molars. He's not exactly been a peach.                      

These days, my house smells like apple spice. It makes me think of my mom's house every time I walk in. Her's always smells so good. 

These days are good. 

These days are grace filled. 

These days are flying by.


Lorena said...

Really makes you stop to think how much you need to "slow down" (if that's even possible) and enjoy these days. Love it :)

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that the winter is a long quiet one up near Edgewood. Those days will be full of time for baking, sewing, reading, napping and still 967 questions from all three boys!! Sorry, but that one is gonna last for a while.

My wish for all of you is that in two weeks you will be able to sit in front of the gas fireplace and reflect on the "busy, busy days behind you!"

Love to all,