Thursday, October 27, 2011


We're walking down the cracker and fruit snack aisle at Target and out of left field, Abe starts going berserk. 

{A} "Momma! Momma! Look! Look! It's soda! Can we get soda? Please? Please? Please?" 

{M} Completely unaware of what in the world he is talking about because 1.They've never had soda  & 2. We're most definitely were not in the soda aisle, I continue to push forward. 

{A} This time leaning practically out of the cart, "MOMMA! MOMMA! SODA!! SODA!! SODA!!" 

{M} Now completely mortified that my child is screaming profusely for Coke in the middle of the store, I begin to look around to see what in the world could be causing this reaction. Finally exasperated, I ask Abe just WHAT he is talking about. 

{A} Pointing sweetly and with a look of complete satisfaction that he can now properly address his desire, Abe directs my attention to the shelf second off the ground and to Soda, himself. 


Susan said...


TonyaMomma said...

Hahahaha!! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

the force is strong with this one. - aunt c and uncle d

Sydni said...

So, did you buy him the fruit roll-ups?? That story had us all laughing out loud at the Bamberg house!

Aunt Kim said...

Well educationally speaking the /s/ phoneme for children his age is a continuous sound (melodic) whereas the /y/ phoneme is a stop sound and a real toughy to grasp. Let's not forget, he has plenty of meaning associated with soda, and very little with Yoda. Therefore, he went to the rime of language and let me just proud mama, be very, very proud!

Lorena said...

So did you buy him some "soda"???? Brent and I loved hearing reading this story.

Anonymous said...

You bought yourself some more time. It's just a matter of TIME though before these kids realize that Happy Meals really can come with SODA!!! LOL

Love you guys,