Friday, October 14, 2011

No Waste Apples-N-Cinnamon Oatmeal

If you're kids are anything like mine then they can probably come close to eating an apple for a snack...but usually there's just.enough.left.over that it seems wasteful to throw it. 

Does this look familiar? 
Besides being brown, the fact that it's been pawed by their grubby little fingers for most of the morning and that it's probably rolled around on the floor a few times too, makes it hard to pass off to any of the other family members {aka Dad}. So what's a mom to do? Enter homemade apples and cinnamon oatmeal. 

My kids LOVE it. 
The half eaten-brownish apples get eaten.
Dad can save his iron stomach for another day.
Everybody wins.

No Waste Apples-N-Cinnamon Oatmeal

First, start with a heaping cup of oats {old fashioned or quick-cook, no matter as long as it's not instant!}
Next, add one cup of milk. Stir and microwave according to the directions on your oats. Ours cook for 3 1/2 minutes.
 While your oatmeal is cooking, rinse your apples and cut away the brown or bruised parts.

 Dice remaining apples into appropriate size bites for your tots.
 Now's here's my favorite part! Take the steaming oatmeal from the microwave and crack an egg right over the top. Yup, I said egg. It's added protein and it makes the oatmeal creammmy! Your kids {or you} will never know the difference! 
Now add your diced apples.

And then the brown sugar and cinnamon! Mix and serve right away. It'll be a new breakfast fav, I promise.

What are some of your favorite tricks for adding nutrition and/or avoiding waste in your house?


Anonymous said...

Try this one........

1 cup apple juice
hand full of raisins...give or take
bring to boil and add 1/2 cup INSTANT oatmeal and follow directions on container.

Auntie Deb

Anonymous said...

Me Bad,
My first mistake of the year! Do not use INSTANT oatmeal; use quick cook oatmeal. Enjoy...........